Man Den

I came across something that tickled my fancy in a big way just now.  Perhaps this is the innate desire of a habitual tennant to own my own space but something tells me that when the time comes for me to purchase my own house I will be battling for every square foot to establish my fantasy Man Den. 

 I don’t need anything elaborate.  Just somewhere to do my thang, so to speak.  Listen to music, hang posters my wife disapproves of, stock a mini fridge of….sodas.  And perhaps most importantly, scratch without persecution. 

GQ just published a sweet article on these little prefab cabanas (essentially glorified sheds) that would be an ideal man den.  Stylish yet simple.  Sweet design, sweeter function.  Just throw it down in the location of your choosing and get busy being a man.       

If you need me I’ll be in my man den….at least I hope to be some time in the not too distant future.


One thought on “Man Den

  1. Todd G says:

    Love the blog Cam Keep it up.

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