Joe Pug

I’m not too cool to admit that I don’t know every awesome band or musician out there.  Thats why having a homie like Bert pays off.  He tipped me off the other day about a guy named Joe Pug. I have basically spent all my time since then listening to his songs and loving them all! 

I contest that music hasn’t seen a lyricist like Joe since Bob.  That might be a hard bridge for some to cross but its worth considering.  Listen to these songs and tell me you disagree…

We need more musicians like Pug.  

Musicians that sing the contents of their heart.  

Musicians that are passionate about their craft. 

Musicians that are raw.   

 I really hope Joe Pug goes places and continues to put out music like this.  It may seem counter intuitive to promote a guy whose charm is partially attributed to being unknown and I am sure there are those who will be pushed off the bandwagon by an increase in popularity because they only listen to “indie” musicians.  To each their own.  Joe doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would sell out for fame. 

He says himself, “the more I’m bought, the less I cost.”

Next time his tour crosses my path know where I will be. 


3 thoughts on “Joe Pug

  1. joepugFTW says:

    Talent. Serious talent.

    Bury me far from my uniform so God might remember my face.

  2. Jamie says:

    Way too far of a bridge to cross buddy. What you are implying is pretty much sac relig. in my book. Shame on you….a day after Bob’s birthday and everything. :0)

  3. cam ferrin says:

    @Jamie – I’m not saying Joe is better I just dont think there has been anyone this good since Dylan. Bob Dylan wrote epic songs that revolutionized pop culture in his day. They inspired revolution and inspired civil rights and anti-war movements. Joe Pug certainly hasn’t reached that level yet but is much closer than most of the other money grubbing songwriters out there….don’t make me name names! I think he writes great songs. Dont look at it as sacrilege. Rather, as a tribute to Robert Zimmerman as he celebrates the big 7-0!

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