This is not my first blog.  I have had others that lost their luster a few weeks in and are now drifting off into cyberspace unkept and forgotten.  I am hoping the opposite fate is in store for this site. 

One of the critical errors I am recognizing now of past attempts is that I filled it with random stuff to deceptively create the illusion that this was not a “new” blog.  As if the 3 posts were not enough evidence.  I want to build this blog over time. Fill it with things I am interested in, if not passionate about.  I think that is the key to success.  I am certain I will come across many great sites but am aiming to be very selective about the ones I add to my blogroll. 

With that said, I would like to reveal the first of many. 

OneTripPass is an awesome blog that you should read….assuming you like America, living life, etc.  I browse through this blog and cant help but daydream of roadtrips, hiking ocean bluffs, and just generally escaping the cubicle jungle!  The world is an awesome place and while I may not be out in it all the time, OneTripPass helps me feel a little closer to where I would rather be. 



One thought on “OneTripPass

  1. […] a great little blog titled The Denim Debate through One Trip Pass, which I featured in a previous post.  While I don’t believe this was done as an advertising/publicity play (or perhaps it was […]

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