Great RVA Shop

I recently came across a great little blog titled The Denim Debate through One Trip Pass, which I featured in a previous post.  While I don’t believe this was done as an advertising/publicity play (or perhaps it was and was done so well I as a consumer didn’t even recognize it), I found it to be incredibly interesting and have been following for some time. 

The jist is this – a bunch of dudes from all walks of life are asked to pick their ideal pair of jeans, wear the hell out of them for 12 months, and then document via regular blog posts.  Jay Carroll of One Trip Pass is a contributor at the Denim Debate and is killing it!  He picked a pair of Levi 1947 LVC 501xx jeans and needless to they are being pummeled to perfection. 

See what I mean?

I love how these guys  in all different professions and life stages are wearing their pants in differently and how unique each pair becomes over time.  Raw selvedge denim was selected almost exclusively by varying brands, many of whom I had never heard of.  Few have been washed.  I am now, and maybe for the first time, recognizing the value associated with investing in expensive, high quality denim.  They are literally indestructable and over time become so unique.  Each spot worn, stained, and scuffed associated with some life event or adventure.  100% custom.  I haven’t taken the leap yet but would love to get my hands on a pair like any of those featured at the Denim Debate, wear them to death, and maybe pass them on to one of my boys some day. 

Pipe dreams.    

Also, the guy that pulled the Denim Debate together apparently has his own branding blog.  He features a shop in Richmond, VA that looks so legit!  I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to stop in when I was in town last month.  I guess I will be back soon enough.  Unfortunately I will be broke again as a grad student and living off government cheese, so splurging on fine threads is unlikely.  Those in the area and interested in this kinda stuff should definitely check it out.  Shops like this are infinitely better than any major retailer. 

Click the picture below to see the post on Need Supply Co. in RVA…

Need Supply Co., RVA

 If you’ve been to Need Supply Co. or end up going after seeing this please come back and leave comment about your experience!

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