I know I may have lost a few followers by taking a crippling break from the blogosphere but I am happy to report that I am officially settled into the new place and getting ready to start school this week.  For those that may be checking out adified for the first time I have included a little background on the topic:

Mar 2011 – After some serious self reflection, networking, and chats on the subject with as many people as I could get in touch with I decided to abandon my plans to pursue an MBA and go for a Masters program more suited to my personality, interests, and strengths.  Finished prepping for GMAT so I could get started on a pretty intense application to my new target program.

Apr 2011 – Completed my application to the Creative Brand Management track at VCU’s Brandcenter, the top advertising school in the Western Hemisphere.

May 2011 – Flew out to Richmond, VA to interview for a position in the class of 2013 and submit my application.  2 weeks later received my acceptance letter.  Elation.

Aug 2011 – Completed my last day as a Buyer for General Mills, packed everything I own (including a wife & offspring) into a truck and drove 1,200 miles to Richmond, vA (RVA).  Saw new parts of the country, beautiful and hideous.  Moved into an apartment we had not previously stepped foot in.  Were rescued by 3 saints from Arizona.  Overcame sickness.  Spent a lot of money getting ready for school.  Spent a lot more money paying for school.  Feel adequately (maybe…) prepared to start school.  Positive I have no idea what I got myself into.

With all that has taken place over the last few months I am somewhat surprised to be here.  It felt in some ways like the day would never come.  I’m glad it has.

In an attempt to bring things full circle and start off on the right foot, the reason I started this blog was to document my experience at the Brandcenter.  Hopefully it can provide some insight to what I think will be a very interesting 2 years for me.  I would love to be able to help inspire future advertising students considering applying in the same way I was inspired by the blogs of Brandcenter students in previous classes.  On top of that, I’m hoping to fill adified with cool ad, branding, and design stuff that I find noteworthy.

Below are some pictures I have taken over the past 2 weeks in RVA.  Considering I’m getting around exclusively on 2 wheels now I am hoping to keep snapping photos of what I am finding to be a very cool city.

I apologize for the extended silence but keep checking back and I’ll try to keep things updated.

Robert E. Lee School - An old school turned apartment building & our new pad

view coming into the new apartment

Home base - I'll be spending a lot of time here

the new ride

My neighbor - Virginia Historical Society

Stonewall Jackson Monument

my new barbershop...places like this are hard to come by

Here’s to the next 2 years!

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