Brand Alliance – Levi’s & Urban Outfitters

I came across this campaign recently and after putting aside my disappointment that no stops will be made in RVA I realized what a great example this is of creating alliances to strengthen brands.  I found it especially interesting to see a partnership between two brands that could in some ways be considered competitors.  Not in all categories, but certainly in some.  Very refreshing to see them rise above that and recognize the benefits of putting together an awesome collaboration.

Maybe this just seems extra cool to me now that i am a bike commuter.  Or that I appreciate the fashion industry and am very interested in it, Levi’s being one of my favorite brands.  Likely the combination.  I was watching a short video Levi put together highlighting the features of their new commuter jeans and while initially I wasn’t a big fan of the large loop on the back of the pants intended to act as a holster for your u-lock, they really are very cool.  “Form. Function. Cycling.” is their tag-line and it works.  I cant tell you how many times in the past few weeks of biking around in the Virginia heat/humidity I would have liked to have been wearing a pair of jeans that were both stank and moisture resistant.  The 3M reflectivity on the inner cuff is a nice touch too (thats the 3rd participating brand here!).

Check out the video below and get more info on the Levi’s/UO traveling bike shop here.

The mobile bike shop has already made its way through part of the trek but if you are in one of the upcoming cities and this seems cool to you definitely go check it out.  Come back and report too because I’d love to hear about it.  You know if they were coming to Richmond I would be there getting some new tape and maybe a patch or 2.  Looks like the on-site tailor would probably even sew them onto a bag or something.

Interests aside I would love to check it out in person just to witness the execution of what I think is a very intelligent branding play and a good example of something I hope I can do in the next few years at the Brandcenter.

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