Bad Ad Redesign

Life at the Brandcenter is officially full throttle.  I will do a post sometime soon about how awesome it is and some of the really cool things we have been doing.  In the meantime I wanted to share an assignment I created for a creative thinking class.  The idea is to find an ad that misses the mark or is in some way bad, then redesign it.

The ad I chose was from Lego.  In all fairness I don’t think this ever actually ran.

I’m a fan of Lego so I was disappointed to see them do something like this. I don’t think it was done in bad taste but this just isn’t a topic for Lego to tackle. I’m just glad they didn’t actually go for an image of the Twin Towers built as multi-colored Legos.

That would have been worse!

I get that they are trying to impress upon consumers that you can literally build anything with Legos. I agree. Thats a really attractive selling feature and something that a very broad demographic can associate with. This ad missed the mark and went after a very sensitive subject. There are a lot of very iconic structures that they could have done this with. Choosing a different landmark will get the same point across and will give Lego the freedom to add more personality to their advertisement.

I redesigned this print ad and came up with this…

Considering I am not an art director and have little visual design training I think it came out pretty well.  I tried to keep it true to the brand values, keep it light and fun, but still appeal to the older “lego architect”.

To be clear, these are built out of Legos.

The Chicago Dept. of Tourism may not be a fan but I think it is an improvement to Lego’s original ad.

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One thought on “Bad Ad Redesign

  1. Kaeley fawcett says:

    So cool!!!! I am jealous I miss being in a setting with peers giving constant feedback! It is such a cool environment especially in the artistic world when your creating! Have so much fun, look forward to all the updates!

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