Rocky Top Soap Shop

Since I’ve been studying brands I find myself noticing not only the big names in the industry but also the very small brands that I think are doing a stellar job in their positioning.  I recently came across a brand of natural, hand-made soaps called the Rocky Top Soap Shop out of midcoast Maine.  I can thank General Mills and my time there in packaging for my affinity to package design but I have to say that was what initially caught my eye. Simple, understated, but equally rugged as the product itself.  It all lines up quite well.  Its nice to see soaps using materials like rosehip, charcoal, and pine tar.  Very manly, which I appreciate.

How could you not find comfort in knowing this is the guy handcrafting your soap.

Dig that beard.

Again, its all so on brand – The guy, the rugged soap, the Maine coast, the great packaging…that beard!

So if you are into hand-made, sustainable products or are just a dirty man that needs a gritty charcoal scrub rocky Top Soap Shop is definitely worth a try.

Either way, I love to support guys like this out there in some small coastal town just doing what he loves.

Perfecting his craft.

You’ve gotta respect that kind of dedication.

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