Star Power

No doubt I’m a huge fan of Nike and the great advertising content they are so well know for.  I recently caught a glimpse of the new campaign promoting the new Kobe shoe.  I have to say I’m a fan.  Not of Kobe, but I did like the commercials.  My heart will always bleed purple and orange for the Phoenix Suns so naturally I hate the Lakers.  With that said, Nike again finds a way to entertain, promote, and in some way show a very likable side to a few controversial celebs.  I think I may even lump Mr. Bryant into that category.  Really excellent use of start power in this campaign and I am sure this will prove what we have known all along – America loves to what athletes and musicians “act.”  Aziz in obviously great in these but I’ve been into him for years. Even before Parks & Rec.

Great writing in these spots.  Its funny to me how humor can be used to sell almost anything!  There is certainly a fine line between really smart creative humor and the “elbow to the ribs” kind of funny but Nike does a bang up job here in my opinion.  A few of my favorite lines from that last video:

“While I don’t understand most of anything Kobe is talking about…I want to.”

“What if I did stand-up in a Volcano?”

“I bought a planet.”

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