Hard Graft

For the first time in, well…ever, I recently met a young guy like myself that claimed to be an aspiring blacksmith.  I can’t help but think that this is rooted in a broader trend bringing back the appreciation of true craft.  Being a blacksmith or a carpenter or a tailer are not only being revitalized as professions but they are also really cool right now!

In the spirit of true craftsmanship I wanted to share a new brand I found recently called Hard Graft.  They peddle a fine assortment of handmade goods crafted from leather and wool.  I love the minimal, masculine feel of Hard Graft’s products.  The attention to detail is fantastic and the style points this stuff earns in comparison to competing mainstream alternatives is off the charts!

While ordering one of these cases for your kindle/ipad/macbook/device or wallet does require opening up said wallet I think it would be worth the investment.  Typically the more miles you put on these types of accessories the better they look. Wear breeds serious character.  Character that you just can’t buy in a store filled with mass produced merchandise.

For those interested in upping their style, looking for a new case and willing to shell out a little more for a quality product, or just appreciate quality craftsmanship I highly encourage you to look into Hard Graft.


3 thoughts on “Hard Graft

  1. Chris Martin says:

    So are you actively pursuing blacksmithing? Because I would love to get into something like that.

    • cam ferrin says:

      Not at the moment but really interested in doing some metal or wood working. Shall we create together?

      • Chris Martin says:

        Definitely. I took a woodworking class right before I came here but it’s such an expensive hobby to get into. I’d love to get into some sort of craft soon. It’s a great feeling creating something.

        Also, you should check out this brand. I’ve got a wallet from them and it’s been the best wallet I’ve ever had or seen. Their website needs a makeover but the guy who runs it seems like a great guy. Saddleback Leather http://www.saddlebackleather.com/

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