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The Civil Wars

Another great set from Laundromatinee.

This is the best cover I’ve heard in a while.

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Been thinking a lot lately about picking up a record player and starting a record collection.  No doubt the digital age has made music much more accessible and far more convenient.  But there is something about the vinyl, the spinning record, the scratch of the needle as its dropped into place.  Its all very organic.  Very raw.  And in my mind’s eye it seems like the best way to unwind and listen to music.  Assuming you really want to listen.

Any advice from those still listening to records?

Which albums seem to be made just for vinyl?

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Even though school is keeping me busy enough to make blogging tough I do have time to find inspiration in some of my favorite cultural icons.  Here are a few I came across recently that struck a chord with me.

“Walk tall or don’t walk at all.”

-Bruce Springsteen

“When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.”

-Steve Mcqueen

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Dr. Dog

Another great installment from LaundroMatinee

I just recently started keeping an eye on LaundroMatinee but so far have been very pleased!

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where ma dads at?!

I know I’m a little late for Father’s Day but I saw this earlier today and found myself bobbin’ my head to some mad dad beats.

I hope day I will have this much street cred…

Surfer’s Hymn

For all my dawgs out there surfing both sea & street.

Ride On!

Joe Pug

I’m not too cool to admit that I don’t know every awesome band or musician out there.  Thats why having a homie like Bert pays off.  He tipped me off the other day about a guy named Joe Pug. I have basically spent all my time since then listening to his songs and loving them all! 

I contest that music hasn’t seen a lyricist like Joe since Bob.  That might be a hard bridge for some to cross but its worth considering.  Listen to these songs and tell me you disagree…

We need more musicians like Pug.  

Musicians that sing the contents of their heart.  

Musicians that are passionate about their craft. 

Musicians that are raw.   

 I really hope Joe Pug goes places and continues to put out music like this.  It may seem counter intuitive to promote a guy whose charm is partially attributed to being unknown and I am sure there are those who will be pushed off the bandwagon by an increase in popularity because they only listen to “indie” musicians.  To each their own.  Joe doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would sell out for fame. 

He says himself, “the more I’m bought, the less I cost.”

Next time his tour crosses my path know where I will be.