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Even though school is keeping me busy enough to make blogging tough I do have time to find inspiration in some of my favorite cultural icons.  Here are a few I came across recently that struck a chord with me.

“Walk tall or don’t walk at all.”

-Bruce Springsteen

“When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.”

-Steve Mcqueen

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Tribute: Nathan Clark

Those of you that know me well know that I am a big advocate of Clarks desert boots.  I’ve had a pair in my arsenal for almost 2 years now and am convinced they will  be a permanent fixture. Forever.  Thats how awesome they are! 

The creator of the desert boot, Nathan Clark, passed away last month at the admirable age of 94.  Nathan was the great-grandson of the founder of Clarks and was inspired to developed the original suede ankle boot after seeing them used  by desert fighters in Burma during WWII.  Initially, the Brits didn’t like the desert boot.  Shocking.  The Americans loved them.  Not as surprising considering their divine comfort and total lack of required maintenance.  In my opinion, the more battered and neglected the DB, the better it becomes.  Per Great Nate’s formula: 

(time + regular wear) = insane comfort and character

Since their their introduction decades ago Clarks desert boots have become an American icon.  An ensign of quality, style, and versatility in the world of footwear.  Although he has passed on, his legacy will live on for generations. 

Enjoy these images of Clark and his creation, including a pic of my own collection.

Nathan Clark

A staple for Steve Mcqueen

…and for The Who

My own Clarks Original Desert Boots – suede & beeswax

If you don’t have a pair, get one. 

You won’t be sorry!

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